Evgeny Ring Quartet


Evgeny Ring – Alto Saxophone

Sascha Stiehler – Piano

Philip Rohmer – Contrabass

Dominique "Gaga" Ehlert – Drums


Even though saxophonist Evgeny Ring nominally fronts the quartet which bears his name the ensemble unites four strong and independent individuals on equal footing. The musicians meld their musical visions, different playing styles and sound aesthetics into one cohesive whole. The common denominator is their ongoing search for a challenge and the unexpected, the moment of musical surprise.


`From the very beginning i felt very strongly who the musicians in this quartet should be`, says Ring when asked about the formation of his band in 2007. It seems he made the right choices back then as the lineup of his ensemble has been constant, touring all over Germany, Russia, Spain, The Netherlands and Belgium. They made a name for themselves with successful participation in international jazz competitions in Burghausen (Internationaler Jazzpreis Burghausen, 2009) and ,Jazz at Hoeilaart Belgium‘ in 2010.


Evgeny Ring Quartet released its debut recording `Ya Tashus` on Double Moon Records in 2011. Literally translated to ,I dig it‘, the title came from a flippant comment a russian friend of Evgeny made on hearing the music. The same spontaneous and intuitive attitude informs the playing heard on the CD. ,Every player has not only their instrument as a means of expression but also directly influences the playing of the others`, notes Ring.


2015 saw the release of their sophomore effort ,Mesokosmos‘ on Swiss label ,Unit Records‘. The title evokes an artificially created world which opens a lot of space for observations and experiments. The albums nine cuts show a wide range of styles and influences fusing traditional structures and modern interpretation, contrasting the expected with improvisatory freedom. All compositions were written by Ring specifically with his musicians in mind. `Every piece has its own colour which Evgeny came up with. And the other three take the freedom to mix it all together‘, says pianist Sascha Stiehler. `The result is a red of very alive and vibrant shades, but it‘s still red.`


To showcase individual strengths, to create space for the music to grow in are the focal points for the band. The musical interaction is based on trust from years of playing together and interacting with each other. This trust, openness and friendship enables singularity - in improvising on stage and in life itself.

Evgeny Ring Quartet

feat. Bastian Ruppert

Foto by Sandra Ludewig


Für die Aufnahme der aktuellen CD "Mesokosmos" haben wir uns einen Gast eingeladen. Bastian Ruppert bereichert mit seinem Gitarrenspiel die Farbpalette der Musik und unterstützt die Entstehung der neuen Klängen.