Uli Weber - guitar

Jort Terwijn - doublebass

Hans Arnold - drums

Evgeny Ring - sax

“In an open space, within the boundaries of music and creativity, that’s where Hans, Jort, Evgeny and Uli come together as Bazga. What occurs then is a creative state of sound, framed by the band’s original compositions. Lyrical and melancholically melodic, yet on the edge of drifting into rawness, they easily combine different musical influences and backgrounds, ranging from the raw spirit and attitude of post rock to the freedom and colouration of jazz and improvised music in general.


No wonder the band members name collectives like The Bad Plus, Reinier Baas and his More Socially Relevant Jazz Music Ensemble, Efterklang, Portico Quartet, Klima Kalima and Der rote Bereich as influencing voices from the next generation of authentic, passionate and open minded music, in which Bazga certainly established it’s own character.


The Band’s original compositions leave enough space for improvisation and interaction between these fine young musicians and extract spontaneity and awareness as key elements of their way of playing together. It is about communication, the art of listening carefully and creating together.


As proud finalists of the “Future sounds contest @ Leverkusener Jazztage 2014″, Bazga convinced the audience with their joyful and energetic attitude during the concert.


Bazga are known for the sparkling atmosphere and a wide range of dynamic variations they create while performing, making each of their concerts an exciting experience to be part of.”